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lcdmod supports three different wiring schemes, if you want another one added drop me a line with the details.
There is currently no way of detecting what wiring scheme your using. To build the module for a wiring scheme other than WIRING_LCDMOD you need to edit config.h.

This is a wiring scheme I plucked out of thin air, if I had my brain switched on I would've used on that already existed... but I didn't. It is slightly different from early versions of lcdmod but the old wiring scheme will still work. The +5v attached to pin 2 on the LCD panel should be attached to an external 5 volt power source, a good one is from a floppy drive power cable, make sure you get the 5v one and not the 12v one. Another one is from a PS2 port, good for laptops.
You may want to put a variable resistor in for controling the contrast, similar to that shown in WIRING_RANDA_RASA although I've never needed one.

Parallel Port LCD Function
18 1 Ground
+5v 2 Supply voltage for logic (+5V or + 3.3V)
18 3 Contrast adjustment
14 4 Data/Instruction select
19 5 Read/Write select
1 6 Enable Signal
2 7 Data Bus 1
3 8 Data Bus 1
4 9 Data Bus 1
5 10 Data Bus 1
6 11 Data Bus 1
7 12 Data Bus 1
8 13 Data Bus 1
9 14 Data Bus 1
15 LED power supply +5V for backlit displays
16 LED power supply -5V for backlit displays

This is a wiring scheme by Randy Rasa who also wrote some software for controlling these displays availble at This site. There is some windows software also using this wiring avalible here LCD Smartie.

This wiring scheme is used by the 8 bit LCDProc driver, LCDProc is avalible here unfortuantly they dont tell anyone how to wire up these displays, and since I've only added support for these displays for people who wired them up that way then worked out that LCDProc is a heap, I wont display it here, if your really interested look at the source. The 4 bit LCDProc wiring scheme is not supported, and probably never will.

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